cut paper wallpaper

The landscape cut paper background from our piece "Zuber's Menagerie" is now permanently installed in the living room. Our house has officially become a proving ground for past and future works. I am also secretly testing myself to see how much ornament and pattern I can live with before I break.



My take on the David sculpture GMD made this summer - ornamented with sprig molded banana leaves and gold leaf. The pattern is based on the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel wallpaper, which I will continue to copy and find new uses for...


one more hawk experiment

Ornamental Cooper's Hawk, 16" x 12" x 8", porcelain, luster, china paint, marble, photo collage, 2014


landscape cut paper

Studio shot of the cut paper landscape I have been working on throughout the summer. This piece will be wallpapered inside this monolith/capsule room, which is equal parts exciting and frightening.


follow up

Zuber's Landscape with Cooper's Hawk, porcelain, china paint, marble, photo print, 6'x 6'x 12", 2014.


all day

Studio shot of two new cut paper backdrops for an upcoming show at 21C Museum Hotel in Cincinnati, titled Hybridity: The New Frontier. (installation view below)


studio shots

Working on a couple of different projects at Bemis this summer... Nothing is finished yet, and some are still being fleshed out, but it is nice to have a few ideas going that may or may not come together.


and done.

Handcut landscape wallpaper. 7'x 7'x .25"


some gold leaf later

A few days and a packet of gold leaf later...  Not sure if this is heading anywhere, but it always feels nice to gold leaf anything really. 


bemis (day one)

For the next few months, both Guy and myself are artists in residence in Omaha, NE at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts. Our live/work studio space is amazing - hard to put those first few thumbtacks in the wall... We have a couple new projects lined up (one is massive) to really take advantage of the space and total artistic freedom.



Currently working on a new piece with GMD for the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, for a show opening in a little over a month. We have all the parts together, so we have been arranging and rearranging in the studio, combining my cut paper work with Mike's extensive taxidermy collection. Here is a rough cut.


taming nature

New cut paper backdrop for Taming Nature, opening next week in Milwaukee WI.

"Gangster's Paradise"
porcelain, wood, cut paper, handprinted wallpaper
42" x 20" x 8"


horror vacui

I have been working on series of tumblers for the last couple of weeks - finally using all my hoarded decals. The image is of our dog Chewy with a nod to Alexander Rodchenko and Bruce Goff for The Art of Food at The Carnegie next week. Naturally making perfect sense.



instagram for random images of my work, plus bits and pieces from the studio.


mao II

Mao Zedong figurines, found and painted in Jingdezhen, China. 
Mao II
porcelain, china paint, pvd
5.5" x 13" and 5.5" x 11"



Currently in Jingdezhen China, making a new body of work with GMD. We are sort of on a topiary bent, making several different versions of plant inspired forms for an upcoming show this Spring. I have several good ideas in case any of this works out.


one more

Made in collaboration with Andy Byers and Guy Michael Davis. The idea was for the three of us to cut solid color decals (like we do) and then pass three forms around the table, collaging on top of the others' work. This one is my favorite, and hopefully a start to a larger project?


grand theft lion, floral

One of the first pieces from a new series with GMD, Grand Theft. China painted in a similar style as this cut paper wallpaper, I am trying to separate colors and mimic block printing. 
Grand Theft Lion, floral 
11" x 13"x 7", porcelain, china paint, gold leaf 


neon dreams

Making paper letters for Neon Dreams at The American Sign Museum. Officially obsessed with gold leaf...


grand theft progress

Currently working on our Grand Theft project in the studio. I like the idea of taking a large sculpture and treating it like a figurine, adding minute details and intricate patterns. 


paper garland install

Paper garland from our show at the CAC - reconstructed to make a wall sculpture/suspended garland of sorts. I love the effect of the paper balls hanging in strands, but the mass of this piece is just really nice.
die cut paper, 65" x 26"


wallpaper, cont.

In progress studio (floor) shot. Round 1 of making handcut paper wallpaper... getting closer, and coming up with a lot of crazy new ideas too.


3d flower, jingdezhen

A new 3d flower print - scanned from a porcelain flower I had made in Jingdezhen China last summer. I love the way the middle turns sculptural when the size is scaled up. Flowers on left are 5", 2", and 1" in size. I can't wait to have piles of these to mess around with. (soon)


handcut wallpaper

Handcut paper wallpaper in the works... thinking about new backdrops for future installations. Working in the heat of the good studio, this is a nice change of pace from slipcasting and moldmaking. My audible subscription is really going to pay off this summer.


The Living Room, CAC

The Living Room at the CAC - installation views of the exhibition. 
This show is a collaborative effort between myself and GuyTerence HammondsPaul Coors, and Such + Such. Curated by Justine Ludwig, she proposed ideas of transforming the gallery into an actual living space, letting the public interact with the work. There are spaces to watch "tv", sit on the couch, hang around the table, and climb through a 3 story treehouse. More process photos here and a nice write up at artforum.com here. (more documentation to come).  
photos by Tony Walsh courtesy of the CAC and Jordan Tate



A quick installation image of one of our honeybear chandeliers from The Living Room at the CAC. The show runs through September 2, 2013. 
porcelain, paper, and neon


so close

The Living Room exhibition opens at the CAC on May 17th, and ICFF starts May 18th. 


so this is happening

Working like mad towards our show this May at the CAC, and the individual pieces are finally coming together. After months in the studio prepping parts, making molds, and changing my mind many times our vision is starting to come to life. 


tiles again

I had this really great conversation with a collector who was interested in the "constant" in a studio practice - the way of working an artist goes back to time and time again. For me, it is the tile. It is a place to be painterly, experimental, modular, with a nod to function tied in. Tiles seem to be limitless in the form and shapes they can take - and are the perfect surface for dealing with imagery and composition. Working at Rookwood with Terence and GMD this year, we might just have a dream team scenario for tile and surface. Here is a peek into our fireplace project for the CAC this May.